FAQ On Dhimmi in India

Who is a Dhimmi

Traditionally a dhimmi or zimmi is a second class status conferred on non-muslims in regions where Islamic rule had taken root. It connoted an inferior and unequal positition for the non muslims. Among other indignities, they had to pay jiziya tax, conduct in deference to Islam and lived in a generally oppressive and humiliating environment. source.

In recent times the dhimmi has moved beyond Islamic countries and has become a fixture in liberal secular nations. They submit, rationalize, justify and in many cased even champion Muslim causes. The pioneering study of dhimmitude and its growing affliction of the modern secular world was first brought into attention by Egyption born scholar Bat Ye'or.

A typical dhimmi response to Islamic terrorists acts, violent protests, or aggressive demands would be to rationalize them by portraying the muslims as the actual victims and then go on lay the blame on victims (World Trade Centre attacks, Godhra train inferno, Mumbai train blasts) as the aggressors. This is due to a combination of several factors which include fear, cowardice, self loathing and ignorance.

In all fairness, the majority of people in India can in no terms be classified as Dhimmies. After all India is the only country that has withstood and survived waves of Islamic invasions and atrocities and gave birth people like brave anti-dhimmis like Shivaji, Rana Pratap, the Sikh warriors etc. Nor can the millions of aam aadmi be classified as a dhimmi.

However the political environment, the power structures of our society are dominated by dhimmis. Since they wield tremendous control and influence on every aspect of the country, we are staring at the possibility of the the non-muslim citizens will once again be turned into a dhimmi . This is of serious concern for us all considering the fact that only a few decades back broke free from centuries of repressive Islamic and British rule.

Where Do We Find Dhimmis Today

Dhimmis are not surprisingly found in their traditional places living as second class non-Muslims citizens, in Islamic countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh Egypt etc. In each of these countries there are state institutionalized rules denying they equal rights on the basis of religion of following a non muslim religion. Read MINORITY TRAVAILS

But today we are witnessing the disturbing and self destructive phenomenon of vocal Dhimmis in the liberal secular world where non-Muslims are in majority, such as India, United States, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. They don't have to, but due to complex set of factors behave in deference to Islam and consider that as a proof of the liberal nations' commitment to pluralism and religious rights.

India is a leading country, amongst the secular democracies where dhimmi attitudes have taken root and prevail in critical sections Indian society. The fact that India was the first country to ban Salman Rushdies book in the 80s bear a sordid testimony to dhimmi behaviour. Indian Dhimmis are predominantly found important sections of our society ie. within the intelligentsia, political circles, academia, mass media as well as amongst NGOs and human rights organizations.

Why Do We Still have Dhimmis in Independent India

There are many reasons for why the persistence of dhimmis and their subservient mentality in dhimmis still abound in India and that too in important decision making places important sections of our society viz, political, mass media, academia.

Part of it is probably due to the combination of the history of Islamic dominance and the large population of Muslims in India. Over 500 years of dhimmitude has left is impact on the indian mindset resulting cowardice, fear, self loathing, and champion islamic causes. Other reasons are ignorance of Islam, vote bank politics, dehinduisation of the public sphere, the anti Hindu legacy left behind by our colonial masters.

What is Dhimmi Mentality (Dhimmitude, or Dhimmitva, if you will)

"As for the concept of dhimmitude, it represents a behavior dictated by fear (terrorism), pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability. The origin of this concept is to be found in the condition of the Infidel people who submit to the Islamic rule without fighting in order to avoid the onslaught of jihad. By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic army, they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation. As they were forbidden to possess weapons and give testimony against a Muslim, they were put in a position of vulnerability and humility."[6] -- Bat Yeor


In India, Dhimmis in the form of politicians, journalists and academics have become subservient to Muslim demands. They justify Muslim reactions and bullying and end up advocating their causes. It is seldom they come up with impartial analysis, condemnation and are able to stand up to Muslim bullying.

Rather dhimmis, being cowards find it more convenient to attack generally milder Hindus since they have no fear of retaliation. Dhimmis find it easier to blame, smear, attack Hindu institutions, culture, and those who attempt to defend are branded as fascists, communalists and nationalists and so forth. For fear of retaliation Indian dhimmis, seldom are able to deal with Islamic instances of intolerance and aggressiveness

India dhimmis support Islamic demands. They turn a blind eye towards their aggression and violence. They oppose oppose any move to analyse. They go to the ridiculous extent of championing even their cause at the cost of the majority population. They hide this fear using secularism as a cover.

Examples and Consequences of Dhimmitude in India

"It is indeed strange that I am praised as a secular leader when I condemn, as I recently did, intolerance and other negative features exhibited by certain self-styled champions of Hindutva, but criticised as a "communal leader" when I point out the negative aspects of militant Islam. Such double standards do no good to a healthy debate on what is true secularism and what is in the interest of our nation and the world" -- A B Vajpayee, 14 Apr. 2002.

Hindu demands are communal. Muslim demands are secular and justified.
RSS, VHP are Hindutva, fascists, but Muslim institutions are secular.
Haj Subsidy is secular, so is communal budgeting.

The most dangerous in india in the form of communal budgeting, minority reservations, special benefits on the basis of being a minority (haj subsidy, sharia law)
Read: How to be an intellectual in India

The Need To Expose and Remove Dhimmi
For dhimmi politicians, mass media and others Indian secularism has come to mean = minority communalism plus Dhimmitva source

One need not go beyond Pakistan and Kashmir and Afghanistan, to understand the consequences of Hindu communities when Islamic excesses are placated and not countered. Dhimmis and dhimmi behaviour are dangerous to the concept of India and its age old principles of tolerance, inclusiveness, broadmindedness, expression of freedom.

It becomes mandatory that each one of us unequivocally stand up to the Dhimmis of Indian society, expose them and free Indian society from this dhimmi stranglehold.

Sources and Further readings

Magnanimity, Innocence or Dhimmitude (Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary)

Perverting secularism (Rajeev Srinivasan)

The Condition of Hindus under Muslim Rule (Dr. Jadunath Sarkar)

Media suffer from "dhimmi" disorder (By Shankar Sharan)

Secularism or Dhimmitva? (Mr. G. Anil Kumar)


Fondea said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

The overall history of Islam and its devious ways are beyond doubt, the most dangerous of the trends the modern world faces! As it is for a stage show, 90% of the entire work in a drama lies behind the curtains... Likewise, what all understanding, nice, secular muslims you see out there are either dubious and mostly ignorant as a matter of fact, enveloped in the overbearing fabric of a modern society.

I am an educated Indian and I would have been ignorant or chosen to be a 'Deliberate Ignorant' had I not come in contact with muslims at an early stage of life. Been brought up in one of the best schools in delhi and having American educated Scientists and Techies in family, I would have flown with the crowd of secularists that flood the mainstream today!! I have seen muslims up close and personal and I have seen 'clearly' the hints of an alterior personality and attitudes, simmering - invisible feel of of something cooking and got glimpse of it, had old grandfather and friends recounting days of yore when some muslim parties like 'MIM' of Hyderabad, India, where actively involved in ethnic cleansing during emancipation of Hyderabad.

Yes, I have had frequent offers to 'convert' to Islam, agression for being non-muslim(Kaffir), deliberate hostility, humiliation and mistaken for a muslim for fair skin and heard things like "hindus are weak, they can't fight Islam"!

I have been actively researching Islam since I was 13 and I have BEEN tolerant and my best friends was a Shia Muslim!

I have this to say to the world-

Islam is a facist, nazi, communist styled movement. Its even dangerous because it has a better organised system of play. It is more of a syndicate of politically inspired people who are very well organised. Less of a religion, it controls every aspect of your life right from the way you eat food to how you pee!!
Its a way to lead a life from tenents borrowed from ancient volatile & millitant Arabian tribals mainly and copies of christianity, neoghbouring faiths, sub-faiths, zoroastrianism (ex-101 names of allah copied from the system of names of Ahura Mazda and hundreds of other things). Its highly deceptive in its operations as muslims are advised by religion to practice restarian in times they are minorities and wage aggression at times of majority.

To sum it up, its a very very large subject and if a person Chooses to research with an unbiased motive, I am afraid, nothing rosy should come out of the picture!

It is just the following things in its truest nature since its inception- Deceptive, Lies Lies Lies, Hostile, brutal, cruel, Colonial, Superiority complex(by conquering civilisation, converting the people and claiming their scientific advances, arts etc as Islamic), highly motivated, criminal, lacks growth and advancement due to primitive nature, Biased towards women although says it has rights for women and inheritence, Wrong, overall, the quran says that men are superior to women, intolerant and yes, they are expanding and coming to get you.

This blog is not an eye opener for me, I have seen all of this and examined this since childhood. i KNOW what islam is and I advice caution to tyhe world. Brace up and stop the path to subjudcation or you'll have a crazy, freaky, chaotic future for youeself where your kids wont remember your name and would curse you for being a non-muslim.

Yes, that is what happens with iranians who are childrens of zoroastrians. its going to be your civilisation Next!